The Bible and Hoodoo

The Holy Bible is an important and vital tool of conjure. it is one of the most powerful books in Hoodoo. It is known as the original Hoodoo Book of Spells. The Bible was seen a means by which whites enslaved blacks but blacks recognized its power and decided to turn the tables, using the Bible’s power against their captors. The Bible isn’t just a source of spells but is itself a conjuring talisman. In some Hoodoo practice, the Bible is often left open on specific verses and positioned in a specific direction to manifest the writing words. It is also taken to the crossroads during some hoodoo crossroads working. An example of crossroads work in the Bible can be found in psalm 24:7, where it says: “Lift up your heads, O gates! And be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.” This psalms verse is greatly used in hoodoo road opening workings at the crossroads or at your temple (home) with crossroads dirt that was ritually collected, other natural curios and candles along with prayers to the crossroads spirit. Psalms are considered to be the most popular part of the Bible in hoodoo. These ancient songs attributed to King David can be used for everything from safe travel(psalm 17),relief of headaches (psalm 3), attracting good fortune (psalm 23), and the vanquishing of enemies (psalms 34), bring harmony to marriages (psalm 45), and so much more. Most hoodoo doctors use the power inherent in the Bible and see it as a way of God assisting in the work. They can still work without the Bible, using their personal prayers or some conjure work from other holy books or grimoires. Personally I like to use the Bible because the magic is simple and easy, especially if you get overwhelmed by complex rituals and ceremonies. A simple white candle, incense, the Holy Bible, and your strong willed and the spell is done. The Bible is also used as a source of Divination called Bibliomancy. This is where a person hold the Bible close and ask a question, sometimes they spin the Bible a certain amount of times, open it and stick a pin in the the page, what ever verse or chapter the pin pierces, is your answer. Some people don’t spin the Bible or use pins, they just pray, open the Bible and read from the first word they see. So if you have your family Bible and it has pin holes in it, here’s why. The Bible is full of spells (example of a negative love spell proverbs 7) and animal sacrifices and offerings (Leviticus 1/7, 17:11,). #HoodooHeritageMonth