Embraced Introduction

What is Embrace the Greatness? It's the thing that happens when you embrace who you are to the core of your being. Imagine how much time and intricate planning it took for you to exist?  You are an extension of a long lineage of connections that leads all the way back to the creator of all things. Through your parents and grandparents, and their grandparents and so and so forth, your existence leads all the back to the very first manifestation of the “Infinite” energy into physical form. All the energy and potential energy levels we possess, comes down to this same line of connection that leads to the Infinite as well. Don't be naïve and think that humans are the only beings with capability.  All things natural are manifestations of infinite energy as well. These things possess a responsibility in helping to insure that this planet and her inhabitants are able to service, adjust and evolve itself. That's why things like aromatherapy exist. Because certain smells, inhalations, dranked, eaten, or absorbed from common herbs, weeds, and plants have healing, relaxing and/or soothing, releasing and drawing in energy properties. Herbs, weeds, and plants have energy to either create or destroy because nature has to always be able to take care of itself. For thousands of years humans have had the knowledge of how to harvest energy from plants and use them for health reasons and numerous other reasons. It was once second nature, but with the colonization of the world, the culture was disregarded as evil, hocus pocus and actually renamed, repackaged and sold back to us under the guise of ‘’’holistics” minus the spiritual element. Our ancestors were healers and plant whispers.  They did divination through cards, stones, bones, palm reading and other methods of spiritual communication and messages. We are here to follow the path laid before us. This path is not for everyone. Please by all means continue the health regimine that best suits your life, in no way am I suggesting that you stop. I'm just here to offer what I have to who it's for. Thank you to all those who support.