JU JU Africano oil 30 ml

JU JU Africano oil 30 ml

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African Ju-Ju Oil (made in Africa)

An all-purpose magical formula made with essential and natural oils, herbs, roots and/or resins.
African JuJu can be used for a variety of purposes along with using this with other oils and incenses to strengthen your spell work. It is an unusually potent oil that can be used to cross enemies and uncross those affected. It can be used in protective workings and to anoint candles for rituals, it can also be worn as a magical fragrance.

It can be used for:

Psychic Abilities
Increasing your intuition
Returning Hexes

The word Juju is a Central West African word that means "magical power" -- and that is just what this formula represents. Containing herbs and roots popular in Africa, it symbolizes the ancestral magic strength of African sorcerers whose beliefs and practices form the core of African American hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure."

How you choose to use African Juju oil etc is, of course, up to you, but one very traditional method is to use them in conjunction with the 23rd Psalm, while praying for all that is desired.

Sometimes it is labeled JU JU and can be worn as a Protection from Curses. When worn, no Curse or Hex can be place against you. To be completely effective it must be worn daily

So it aids you in increasing your personal magical power and it can be used alongside other oils and incenses to strengthen your spell work. As a potent oil which aids and adds a boost to your magical workings, its a bit like adding steroids to your magic and therefor can be used for all types of magic including positive, negative and protective work.

Because of this African Ju Ju Oil is a powerful blend known to increase the power of other oils, incense, powders, baths and spell work in general.

African Ju Ju Oil is commonly believed to boost the magical power of its user.

It can be used for many types of intentions such as uncrossing, attraction, success, increasing one's intuitive abilities, hexing, luck, strength, legal issues and invoking spirits and ancestors.

It's is also particularly powerful for anointing mojo bags or Gris Gris bags, talismans, candles and amulets

For Attraction, Success and Luck spells, add a bit of magnetic sand to this blend when you do that African JuJu can be used as a powerful drawing oil.

African Ju Ju Oil can be worn on the body, put in the bath, anointed on important documents or dabbed on money.

Place a drop or two in the heel of your shoes while attending legal hearings or while looking for work.

Mix a little African JuJu Oil with some Uncrossing Oil and water and wash down your front door or place some in spring water in a glass bowl under your bed when sleeping.

When performing spells of any kind, you may also add some African JuJu Oil to a glass bowl of spring water to call in the aid from your ancestors.

To communicate with the spirits anoint a white candle with some African JuJu Oil for spirit work.

Add some to your sachets, Gris Gris or incense.

So in using African Ju Ju Oil first recited the 23 Psalm and pray with strong intent upon your need, and for best results do this during the waxing moon phase.