Road Opener Oil

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Ingredients: Abre Camino, lemon balm, five finger grass, lemon grass, high John

Description: To open pathways to success. Create favorable energy for new opportunities. clear blockages and obstacles. Promote success in job hunting, new love, new homes, cars, loans, and more. Promote fresh starts. Uses: anoint candles, add to baths, hands, feet. Anoint applications, anoint skeleton keys, doorways. Petitioning crossroads spirits. 

Create positive energy and open pathways to success by clearing blockages and obstacles. This versatile oil can be used to promote success in various areas of your life, such as job hunting, finding new love, securing new homes, cars, and loans. It can also aid in promoting new beginnings. Use it to anoint candles, add to baths, anoint hands and feet, or apply to applications, skeleton keys, and doorways. You can also petition crossroads spirits for assistance.


The Road Opener clears the path to your highest good. When traveling, embarking on a new project or pursuing a lifelong dream, Road Opener can reveal the simplest way to your destination. Great for protection on long trips and especially road trips. 

Road Opener features a powerful blend of herbs and oils that are commonly associated with new beginnings and opportunities. It’s may also be the perfect candle to use in rituals or spells that focus on breaking through unwanted challenges, obstacles or setbacks.